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Fingernails grow in layers. Whenever fingernails break, are cut, or filed the layers are left open. Water seeps into the layers, weakens the fingernails, and causes them to split, crack and peel. Anew's Natural Crystal Stone is extra fine and is used to seal the edges of the fingernails. It has a lifetime guarantee never to wear down.

Cut, file, and shape fingernails as usual with a fingernail file, then use our stone to seal the edges of the fingernail. Excessive and dead cuticles can also be eliminated without cutting by gently erasing them with the tapered end of the stone.

Our pads are made of cloth so they are nonabrasive. They are guaranteed for life, numbered for easy use, and are easy to clean.

First use our #1 pad. It will clean the entire top surface of the fingernail, eliminating stains and ridges. After the 1st month, use this pad to clean only on the new fingernail growth (1/8 of the nail near cuticle.) once a month.

Next is our #2 pad. This pad seals and conditions the top of the fingernail. It gets the circulation going promoting stronger, healthier fingernails. Use on the entire fingernail once a month.

And Lastly, use our #3 pad. This will give the fingernail a shine that looks like clear polish, but will not peel or stain. The shine will last for two weeks, no matter what gets on the fingernail. Use on the entire fingernail every two weeks. (Nail polish may be applied if desired, and will last longer because of the fingernail's smooth, sealed surface).

The stone eliminates the dead cuticle, and Anew's Cuticle Oil restores the elasticity, making the cuticle more pliable. Untreated dry cracked cuticles may lead to hangnails, bleeding or severe infections.

Massage one drop of our oil into the cuticle as needed.

To view a Quicktime Movie of the process, please click here. Please note that this movie will take 3+ minutes to load if you are on dial-up modem (56k).

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